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IT Consultancy

You know that you need a site, you know most of the functions are you needing, you know the appearance you would like your website to have. Then you need it organized with a great layout being done in a very fine business plan, time frame costing as much as a reasonable price. So you are in the right way, this is our mission to listen to your desires and needs, consult with you about the details and then provide it.

Live Chat at the bottom of the site

One of the ways, we assist our customers regarding to the product they need is the Live Chat at the bottom of the site. We do believe that website is not a product that we can chose and buy via a couple of clicks and pay and start using. There are so many questions before the order that is needed to be answered in details. So feel free to click on the red "Live Chat" hot spot available at the bottom of all pages and feel free to ask about whatever.


Our Ticketing PBS Panel

Since Persisca Network is a member of PBS, the assistants of PBS are always online, 7/24/365, to help the clients who are needing some kinds of assistance that cannot be offered through the live chat according to its importance and being so technical or having some details. In these cases you are requested to register in our Ticketing PBS Panel and start the conversation there. Then the history would also be always available there and could be a fine reference for the future. Click to submit a ticket thru Ticketing PBS Panel.

In some special cases that the consultancy may be not be possible to be processed via the Ticketing Panel, you are requested to make a Phone Call Meeting or Meet us in Person.


Phone Meeting

We can make appointments on phone for helping the clients who are feeling better and more comfortable on phone call, chose the most efficient, optimized and reasonable product that can fit his/her desires and needs. Phone calls would also be possible 7/24/365. We only need to discus about the exact time before the phone meeting. For making an appointment you only need to click here and send a message and let us know a brief about your case.

Phone Call Meetings are FREE for the first hour, and the pricing for additional hours starts by $90/hour.


Meeting us in Person

We do believe that in some special cases, a meeting is needed. In some cases we need to play onsite together. For having a professional website, in the case your organization has got a few or several officers who need to be present in the meetings before running the website, we are waiting to meet you with open arms.

Persisca Network is a U.S. Based LLC Organization located in #3651, Lindell Rd., Suite D1053, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, having registered verified agents in several other cities. Regarding to the type of our meeting, it may be held in U.S., your own country or an other country which is the closest to you.

You would meet registered agents of Persisca Network in: 

 Las Vegas, NV, U.S. (Head Office)  Charlotte, NC, U.S.  Berlin, Germany
 Los Angeles, CA, U.S.  Winston Salem, NC, U.S.  Goteborg, Sweden
 San Diego, CA, U.S.  London, UK  Helsinki, Finland
 New York, NY, U.S.  Maura, Norway  Alanya, Turkey

We would like to meet you in Las Vegas, NV, U.S., in those cases that we need to use large meeting rooms, education rooms, workshop sites and etc., otherwise you can meet the agents in any other countries and speak with them in your own languages if you are located in those countries as well.

For the clients who would like to travel to Las Vegas and are needing a Visa, Persisca Network will provide an Invitation Letter for Visa Issuance.

There is no specific pricing for consultancy in meetings in person, the pricing may vary according to the case and the details of the negotiation, and it may be waived for the clients who place the any type of order and get one of our customers before the meeting date. To start click here and send a message and let us know a brief about your case.

Get in touch with us

3651 Lindell Rd., Ste D1053, Las Vegas, NV 89103, U.S.A.

(800) 666 9010

We are providing any type of communication way between the clients and us. We have made our international customer service for any type of assistance you may need. Feel free to chat with us in the case you need to talk with a Sales Representative. Feel free to send ticket through our PBS Panel. Feel free to contact us via the form below for any type of inquiry...