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Persisca Network c/o Persisca LLC, launched on September 5, 2005, is offering IT/ICT solutions, products and services. Products and solutions are web based, benefiting the most recent technologies of the time you receive them. We are always trying to create super functional web applications with super beautiful visual effects as an interface between the very end consumer and very deep infrastructures. Administration Panels, Billing Applications, Integrated Websites and Occupational Portals are a few of most popular solutions.

Persisca Network is network of software developers, having a few child organizations, focusing on the sectors supporting UI and UX development, such as SaaS, IaaS, Automation, Web Hosting, etc. We do believe by benefiting technology in correct way, achieving the goals will get possible and this fact fits either individual or businesses. The applications, published by Persisca Network, are mainly developed by a team of professionals mostly from scratch. Ready-to-use websites, online site builders, hosting plans and all add-on products are provided by partners or child organizations of Persisca LLC.

Development team of Persisca provides solutions in various categories such as:

  • UI Designing
  • UX Development
  • Mobile App Designing and Development
  • Server Management Software Development
  • Billing Panels
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Applications (ERP Apps)
  • Customer Relationship Management Applications (CRM Apps)
  • Ticketing Panels
  • Website Integration
  • Online Transactions Management Applications
  • Classified Data Management
  • And a lot more...

Founder and Team Members

Benjamin Amirmahdi Esshaghi
CEO and Founder

Linkedin   |   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Benjamin A. Isaacie (Benjamin Amirmahdi Esshaghi) was born on 11th of November, 1988. At the age of 15 he started to develop skills in designing and CAD apprentice and got to acquire vocational graphic internship in TKC Group Inc. located in Tehran, Iran. Benjamin started his study in ICT field in Amirkabir College of Management and Technology of Tehran to gain his Associate Degree, while having already started to work in the area of Information Technology as well. Working as a professional web designer at Arad Environment Inc. was his first career outside of his own organization. "Benyamin Designing Group” was the name of his first established organization in the very period.

During his overall activities in a number of companies as a prominent web designer, Benjamin did his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in IT, and also proudly to be honored to gain his Master’s Degree in MBA (Master of Business Administration) from JMP (An Eminent Overall Academy Certified by the Tehran Trading Community). Since 2006, he has been assisting domain resellers and web hosting integration developers of a large number of companies as their Server Administrator or Domain Sales Administrator, while having founded the Persisca Network as for offering UX, UI and IT infrastructure solutions.

Working as a self-employed was started in the age of 14, when Benjamin was offering simple individually-provided IT services such as OS Installation for PC users, PC Troubleshooting, Application Installation, Computer Hardware Installation, Music/Utility CD/DVD Burning, 
Training of Graphic Designing Applications, etc.

During first few years, leading Persisca Network, Benjamin was attending more than 85% of exhibitions in Tehran International Fair, as exhibitor. In 2006, in the age of 19, Benjamin was known as the youngest exhibitor in ITEX06. Three long-term courses were held in 
Amirkabir College of Management and Technology of Tehran by Persisca Network between 2006 and 2009, students having these courses passed could have the necessary qualifications for being employed by IT based or Graphic based businesses. University courses held in mentioned university are php Programming, Web Designing and Graphic Designing. Benjamin had been teaching two courses of php Programming and Web Designing. In the same period Persisca Network was hiring students interested in IT and graduated from Amirkabir College of Management and Technology for internship programs.

Being Professor Assistant in Web Designing classes in
 Amirkabir College of Management and Technology and teaching Web Designing Lab. in the same university were individual academic volunteer working experiences Benjamin had, outside of Persisca Network.

Between 2009 and 2012, Benjamin was sponsoring IT students attending JMP Institute, for internship programs, training them in IT and making them ready for a potential IT life. The students have partly been hired by Persisca Network.

Since 2012, Benjamin is Senior Server Administrator at and 
In 2015, Benjamin was certified by cPanel University, Houston, Texas, USA as cPanel Server Technical Analyst and cPanel Server Sales Specialist. Since 2005 leading Persisca LLC has been the most permanent and major career of Benjamin, while he has had various positions in some business else than his owned ones.

Persisca Members:

Maryam Mamdouh
Chief Operations Officer
Davoud Esshaghi
Chief Commercial Officer
John Bride Monsen c/o PBS
Customer Service Senior
Emily Kajaer c/o PBS
Customer Service Junior
Maria Wayne
HR Executive
Mark Ozog
Verified Agent

Dang Thuc Dam
CMS Specialist
Batch Pham

CMS Specialist
Jan Heideman
Back-end Developer
Hooman Farhadi
UI Developer
Lina M.
UI Developer
Liyana M.
Data Entry Specialist
Nastaran Sharifi
Graphic Specialist
Arsalan Karvani

Zone Administrator, NC, U.S.
Katie Martin
Zone Administrator, NY, U.S.
Sam Hashemi
Zone Administrator, San Diego, CA, U.S.
Hesam Naghshbandi
Zone Administrator, LA County, CA, U.S.
Clause Flip
Zone Administrator, Berlin, Germany
Elias Lashkari
Zone Administrator, Sweden
Hasti Torabi

Zone Administrator, U.K.
June Emily Olsen
Zone Administrator, Norway
Diako Azizi
Zone Administrator, Turkey
Sina Moslehi
Zone Administrator, Iran
Morqat Mahmut
Zone Administrator, Japan

Persisca Members working through agents:

Olli Lancerin, Fanny Paavola, Anastasia Katkova, Mona Mohammadi Khabbaz, Mohsen Habibi, Eda Demirdoğen, Nikolas Valentjn, Kenny Smith, Michelle Karvanen, Satu Immonen, Enna Nygren

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